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“I have received my coaching certifications from Happy Whole Human and could not be happier with the training I have received. Dr. Lisa Leit, who teaches the certification courses, is so enthusiastic, caring, and authentic--I could not ask for a more experienced, knowledgeable, or trustworthy mentor. The programs are well-developed, delivered live via zoom, and I feel extremely well-prepared and powerfully equipped to serve clients and help them reach genuine and lasting transformation using the Happy Whole Human curriculum, tools, and validated assessment. Thank you for this wonderful and highly-recommendable program!"


"What I enjoyed most about this course were the insights I gained regarding not only the material, but also myself. Every lesson gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I learned, whether it be about the course content or myself as an individual. I was able to apply the concepts and theories learned in each class to my own life, which offered me new perspectives in general. The overall course and its curriculum were very well planned and executed. The instructor was always very warm, approachable, professional, and respectful. I felt excited and eager to participate in every lesson, due to the pleasant and thought-provoking learning environment created by the instructor and students."


“It was so beautiful…even when I was just beginning the practicum, a client told me that I changed her life. To me that is a testimony that these protocols work. I learned that the process works. Helping people become incrementally more conscious of their choices and who they are (less is more) was very profound."


“Knowing the protocol and tools, it just continually surprised me with how powerful they are. It was so powerful and moving for clients and that makes me feel so happy for them.”


“The Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness offers world-class instruction, support, and unique, highly innovative and professionally useful program. So glad to have found you! All the best and many more years of creativity, productivity and success.”


Selecting a Happy Whole Human Certified Coach ensures that you’re working with the best in the industry. 

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