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Grow Your Coaching Business With ICF Business Development Series - On Demand

ICF Business Development Series (BDS) 2024, a comprehensive learning experience designed to empower you in building, sustaining, and expanding a thriving coaching practice. Join renowned brand expert William Arruda and other industry leaders for a self-paced journey to build, sustain, and maximize your coaching practice.

There are two course levels to fit your experience and interests: Core and Advanced. BDS 2024: Core is focused on the foundations of business development, equipping you with the tools needed to establish and grow a successful coaching practice. BDS 24: Advanced builds upon learnings from Core to help you scale your business and pivot into new areas of specialty as a more experienced coach. ICF Coaches Business Development Series

Get ready to be guided through content, tools, and action items that you can instantly apply to your coaching business, like the four-step ACT-B model. During Core, you will use this model to turn prospects into clients. Then, in Advanced, you will learn techniques for turning clients into fans, and fan

Business Development Series for ICF Coaches - Happy Whole Human Institute

s into promoters — a full-time sales force for your business. Reposted from the ICF Newsletter to share with students

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