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Home-study and By Appointment | Online Courses and Mentoring Sessions via Zoom

Master Hypnotic Coach Internship

This three-part 90-hr American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) accredited Master Hypnotic Coach Internship teaches hypnosis practitioners advanced techniques to refine their practice of hypnosis.
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Zoilita Grant, Master Hypnotic Coach (see Faculty page for bio)



$2700 tuition, materials included  

90-hr Internship Description:  

This 3-part Hypnotic Coach Internship combines home-study with one-on-one mentoring with Zoilita Grant via Zoom.

  • Part I: NLP for Hypnosis Practitioners (30 hrs)

  • Part II: The Power of Numbers: Group Facilitation (30 hrs)

  • Part III: Private Practice Mentorship (30 hrs)


Upon completion, you will earn 90 hours of American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) continuing education units (CEUs). This training is a natural follow up to the 210-hour ACHE-accredited Happy Whole Human All-in-One Hypnotic Coach certification training. In addition to earning CEUs, graduates will be awarded 90 credit hours to satisfy the 300-hour ACHE requirement for the Master Hypnotic Coach designation.


Part I: NLP for Hypnosis Practitioners Training (30 hrs)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a vast field encompassing interpersonal skills, personal change methods, and processes to access human excellence in almost every profession and human activity. Come be a part of this special training designed to give you a glimpse of some of the best that NLP can offer to practitioners. During this training you will learn specific techniques that you can use to achieve personal change with yourself or clients, such as how to eliminate intense emotions that no longer serve, and how to transform negative internal dialogue. You will learn:• The elements of unconscious psychological structure.• NLP’s natural use of trance and the principles of fractionation.• Communication with the unconscious mind using NLP.• The NLP “Spinning Feelings” process for anxiety and other intense emotions.• How to integrate the positive intention of critical internal thoughts.• Learn about rapport, nonverbal communication, and how to communicate with influence.• Other NLP techniques and principles for communication and personal growth.



Two 2-hr Zoom training calls
20 hrs of reading books on provided list
Six hrs of practice


Part II: Power of Numbers: Group Facilitation Training (30 hrs)
One of the best ways to build a successful private practice is do effective ongoing hypnosis groups and classes. You will learn how to use a combination of hypnosis, journaling and group dynamics to create a variety of ongoing hypnosis-based groups and classes. The class will focus on specific techniques to work with weight, fears, stress, pain and smoking in a group situation. Group dynamics and journaling create dynamic hypnosis-based groups. You will receive a teaching video, manual, an excellent selection of client handouts and group outlines that you can use with their own groups as well as sure fire marketing idea. You will learn to work with both large and small groups. A great list of sample groups and a group design template is included.

2-hr video training
2-hr Zoom training
6 hrs of group design and planning homework
20 hrs of practice

Part III: Private Practice Mentorship (30 hrs)
In this mentoring program:
1. You will be supported to achieve your personal learning goals. Each mentorship is customized for the individual student. Goals will need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. You will be expected to fill out a prep for prior to your zoom mentor sessions.

2. Practice management and client attraction and retention are included in a way to help you build a successful private practice. You will learn how to use forms and client handouts to support your client’s growth.  


As hypnosis continues to gain popularity and mainstream acceptance, more information about the impact heightened suggestibility is available. Public awareness about the subconscious mind and its impact on personal choices is increasing. More people are seeking to improve they lives from the inside out.  More people are beginning to be interested in using hypnosis to achieve specific goals. The key element in creating a successful hypnosis session is a powerful hypnosis script. When a client enters a hypnotic state, it is up to the hypnosis practitioner conducting the hypnosis to induce suggestions that will ideally reach the person all functions of the subconscious mind. These suggestions need to be carefully worded. Hypnosis is very different than persuading a person to do something.  It is about connecting with the essence of the client’s desired state (goal + feeling state that the client wants from it) weaving many styles of suggestions and visualization. Since hypnosis has a wide array of applications, the corresponding scripts are similarly varied. While resources on hypnosis abound online, there are few that actually divulge hypnosis scripts for free. It is very good to learn to write your own scripts to address your clients’ personal needs.


2-hr Zoom training call on how to write effective scripts and other client management techniques
Eight individual 1-hr Zoom training calls
20 hrs reading and practicing

Internship Mentoring Materials (Included):

Master Hypnotic Coach Internship Manual

Group Facilitation for Hypnosis Practitioners

Group Design Packet

Sample Business Plan

Continuing Education and ACHE Master Hypnotic Coach Certification:

Mentoring internship credit may count towards 90 continuing education credit for coaches, hypnotherapists, human resource managers, and therapists, as well as toward the ACHE Master Hypnotic Coach certification.

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