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Level 3 Certification: Mindfulness Tools for Coaches

In this course, you will learn tools to effectively facilitate and teach twelve HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® mindfulness tools to individual clients in the context of one-on-one coaching sessions.

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October 19 - December 11, 2020  

Mondays and Wednesdays  5:30-7:00pm CST

Online classes via Zoom 



8 weeks – 30 hours  24 hours of teleclasses  3.5 hours of homework  2.5 hours mentorship  




Dr. Lisa Leit  Founder, HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN Institute of Holistic Wellness  





Course Description:  

This 8-week, 30-hour HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Coach Training can be taken as stand-alone training, or as Level 3 in the HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Coach certification program. Credit hours are pre-approved to be applied toward the International Coach Federation PCC credential using the ACSTH application pathway, and as ICF CCE credits. This course is also Level 3 of 6 of the ACHE accredited HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® 210-hour Hypnotic Coach Certification Program.


In this course, you will learn tools to effectively facilitate and teach twelve HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® mindfulness tools to individual clients in the context of one-on-one coaching sessions. Each week, students will learn and practice tools, including:  


1. HWH Stabilizing Exercise  

2. Shifting Negative Thoughts Exercise  

3. Emotional Release Tool  

4. Anger Management Tool  

5. Overcoming Overwhelm Exercise  

6. Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious Tool  

7. Strategies to cultivate safety and work with PTSD if it arises in a coaching session  


ICF-trained coaches can use these tools to cultivate and maintain trust, evoke awareness, and to empower clients to be and stay calm and confident as they meet the challenges of each moment.  


HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® (HWH) programs prepare students for empowering and lucrative coaching careers in which they create interactive confidential healing spaces of unconditional acceptance and provide the support, information, and structure to facilitate transformational change. Students are taught practical tools and techniques to help clients conquer their fears, get out of their own way, and learn to live as Happy Whole Humans-radiant, happy, and fulfilled. Our mission is to empower individuals as they relax, reflect, and snap out of unconscious patterns via mindfulness and holistic wellness to overcome obstacles and improve their lives and relationships across the board.  


Learning Objectives:


Participants will learn to:  


1. Facilitate and teach powerful mindfulness tools to clients in the context of one-on-one coaching sessions.

2. Integrate mindfulness tools into the context of ICF coaching sessions.

3. To be more mindful and present as coaching professionals.


4. To communicate compassionately and directly with clients.


5. Apply Socratic methods and active listening in interactions when acting as a HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® facilitator and coach with individual clients.

6. Earn and maintain client trust and a safe context.

7. Empower clients to think, feel, and act in new improved ways to realize their desired outcomes.




Suggested:  HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Coach Certification Level 1

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Coach Certification Level 2


Target Audiences:  

-Beginner and Experienced Coaches.  

-Human Resource Professionals.  



Course Materials:  

The HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Handbook by Dr. Lisa Leit (provided and required)  

Optional supplemental materials  


Final Exam:  


Each course offered by the HWH Institute of Holistic Wellness includes an online final comprehensive exam. Students must pass with a 75% score or above to receive HWH certification.  


Course Schedule:  


Contact us for the complete course schedule.  


Application Process:  


Enrollment is limited and contingent upon completion of the application process.  


Continuing Education credits:  

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) - 30 hours

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International Coach Federation Training Hours:


The Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness offers a 200-hour Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) program. Students who complete our program will be eligible to apply for credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF) using the ACC or PCC ASCTH Applications. The ICF ASCTH designation applies only to the complete 200-hour program that has been accredited. However, you may take this (Level 3) or other portions of our ACSTH program and apply the training towards an ICF credential, as long as you complete a minimum of 30 hours of the full 200-hour ACSTH program. The ICF accepts this and other portions of our ACSTH program as Continuing Coach Education (CCE credits) if you have completed 29 hours or less of our entire 200-hour program.


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