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HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program Learning Objectives

You will learn to:

1. Improve the way you respond to stressful situations, adapt to shifting priorities, and work productively in the face of uncertainty.

2. Be a better listener and to communicate more honestly, proactively, and effectively to find win-win solutions.

3. More confidently think for yourself, solve problems, take initiative, and be a productive team player.

4. Cultivate your innate capacity and connect to your core, whole self so that you can be more curious, open-minded, responsive to feedback, creative, and innovative.

5. Be more inclusive, responsive, and helpful to others when appropriate.

6. Ask clarifying questions to understand and consider the interests of others, as well as to more confidently share your own ideas and feedback in collaborations and negotiations.

7. Express more interest in the experiences of others, to be more neutral, and to more openly and honestly admit your mistakes and accept personal responsibility for your performance, behaviors and actions.

8. Provide insightful, motivational, accurate, and constructive feedback to others when appropriate.

9. Be more effectively strategic in the way that you work with others to achieve short and long term goals.

10. Seek feedback and share information and viewpoints openly and directly with others, as well as to provide information in an organized, easy to follow manner in a variety of settings.

11. Value and welcome diversity of thought, creativity, and collaboration and adapt more quickly to changes and priorities.

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